Durable| Eco-friendly |Handmade in Maine

Hello there!

I'm thrilled to share with you the story of how my passion for dogs led me to create a brand that produces durable and stylish products. Being a cattle dog owner and foster dog mom, I understand the importance of having high-quality products that not only look great but also last long. That's why in 2018, I started my own brand with bandanas, and in 2020, I ventured into collar making.I take great pride in creating recycled canvas collars because they are not only eco-friendly but also weather-resistant, easy to clean, and durable. The fabric is made of 50% recycled plastic, and the collars are printed with eco-friendly inks. Each collar is meticulously hand-cut and sewn on my semi-industrial sewing machine. After that, they are carefully packaged and personally taken to the post office by me (Alyss) and my trustworthy Australian cattle dog, Juniper, right here in southern Maine. (and occasionally with the help of a foster pup!)

Thank you for letting me share my passion with you.

  • Made with high quality materials

    Our gear is crafted using only the finest hardware and materials, ensuring it lasts through all your wild adventures. Our products are designed to withstand all four seasons, from snow to mud to sand, so your wild pup can keep going without any slowdowns.

  • Washable & Mildew resistant

    Webbing is soft to the touch, flexible, heavy-duty, and mildew-resistant. Recycled canvas collars are easy to clean with just a hand wash using mild dish soap and running water.

  • Vegan materials

    Our pet products are made without animal materials! The logo tags are created from synthetic leather, which is cruelty-free, and unlike real leather, will not deteriorate when exposed to water.