About us

The tag spot makes all the difference.

After owning and fostering many dogs, using many different collars one thing I was sure of was that Martingales were superior in the collar world, but lacked one thing… a special spot for the tag. After trial and error I came up with the solution, and were the first to utilize this hardware on collars especially for pet tags. I wasn’t sure if it would take, or if people would be as crazy about it as I was but the proof was in my brand reps who tested and gave the thumbs up.

Owning a collar made especially from Evergreen & Rain, you are owning the hardwork, endless trial and error, the many sleepless nights, and proud success of a small business owning Latina Womxn.



Meet Alyss


Cattle dog mom. Cat mom. And everything inbetween

I am a one woman run shop! I handle Social media, inventory managing, website managing, shipping, production, product design, Customer service, material sourcing, and sometimes product photos.

I have been sewing for 4 years now, I started with hand-sewing bowties for rescue dogs, and eventually got a sewing machine and teaching myself everything I know now. I started my shop before I even knew the market or social presence of pets on instagram. I knew I had a specific taste of fabrics and colors I liked on my own pets which inspired me to start making items for them.

Outside of sewing, you can catch me doing volunteer adoption coordinating for A Stones Throw Dog Rescue, drawing, and taking photographs of animals.

In Memory of Ambrose, the inspiration for my collars.


Adopted from Small dog rescue of New England at 6 months old. She was found roaming the streets of Texas and was taken in by their rescue partner. She is my heart dog! When I adopted her she brought back life to my product vision. She is so smart and knows so many tricks. Her favorite thing is running down to the river and running into the water. She was always meant to be a salty dog and enjoys life in maine. Snow has been her favorite thing to play in as she can stay out for hours in it if I let her.